How to Install Security Cameras and What to Avoid

Security cameras in Vancouver are an essential part of security systems. Proper installation and choice right equipment, plays a huge role in performance.

Main problems that may arise during setup of such systems:

Camera from SafeStreets

* Improper installation of security cameras;
* Camera wrong location;
* Poor quality products.

We describe all these issues in more details.

For proper selection of CCTV cameras, we need to address several questions:

* What is the purpose of installing video surveillance cameras?
* Is it necessary to install hidden security cameras?
* Do you need built-in night vision functionality?
* What is size of area perimeter and camera locations?
* Should a security camera follow moving object?
* Is there a need to distinguish colors?

Video surveillance cameras are distinguished by following features:

* Camera light sensitivity defines how well the camera can see in the dark. Light sensitivity is measured in Lux units. Low Lux indicates that the camera is light sensitive and will work better in dark locations. If you care about night performance, then low light would be an optimal choice. Make sure that lux figure in camera specification sheet does not exceed 0.01

* Camera resolution is responsible for picture quality and it is measured in (TVL) TV lines.

Typical security camera has approximately 420 to 480tvl. A low resolution camera has 320 – 380tvl and high resolution 520 – 700TV lines. For best combination of price and pictures quality, choose resolution between 500 – 600TV lines.

* Lens viewing angle allows surveillance camera to focus on wide areas as well as areas far away from the camera. Depending on the size of the observation, you can choose a lens with narrow or wide viewing angles. Camera lens viewing angle is measured in (mm) millimeters. For wide angle lens range is 1.8mm – 4mm, while long range cameras can have lens up to 100mm. Typical lens of a surveillance camera is in the range of 2.8 – 9mm. Long range lens are used for traffic cameras to pick up vehicle license plates. If you are not sure about lens size, it is advisable to consult with professionals.

* Place the camera surveillance.


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